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    • Styrofoam Cake Dummies can be produced in any shape & size up to a maximum diameter of 54”
    • Can be shaped, sand papered and bevelled to a smooth finish
    • Light weight and can be covered with icing conveniently

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    • Styrofoam Containers & Boxes available in various sizes
    • Provides the best possible insulated medium for transportation of fish, shell fish, vegetables, frozen meats & pharmaceuticals
    • Light weight and air filled material prevents damage to contents that can be caused by dropping or heavy pressure
  • Low Block weight (1/4th of a conventional cement block)

    Good thermal performance. Ideal for AC and Non AC buildings

    Environmentally friendly

    Large blocks, less joints, fast build.


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    • The versatility of Styrofoam enables it to be moulded to any shape and size
    • Ideal for packing of electronics, glassware, ceramics and any fragile item that requires packaging
    • Drop Tested and shock proof, prevents damage to packed article
    • Waterproof, Lightweight, inert & does not decay
    • Most economical form of packaging

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    • Pipe sections cut out of Styrofoam (In required density) Maximum length – 3’
    • Internal and external Diameters can be cut to fit any size of pipe
    • Thermally insulates both Hot & Chilled water Pipe lines
    • Pipe sections can be straight cut or cut with tongue & groove

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    • Largest size of sheets produced in Sri Lanka – Length : 16’ Width: 4’ Height : ¼” to 39”
    • Can be produced in various densities for different applications
    • Insulation against heat & sound in construction
    • Can be used for Wall panelling & light weight partitioning
    • Light weight and can be cut easily
    • Most economical material that can be used in insulation
    • Can be used in making theatre backdrops, props and decorating applications